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Part 5


( The Third Time Though The Simulation )

2011 - 2013

The Italian lead Loid on for over a year

visiting him 3 times in Los Angeles. For the last trip the Italian suggested that they get an apartment together for 3 months. They both knew this would mean Loid would leave his oldest friend's house forever and effectively making Loid leave what had been his home for the past year. For more than a year Loid had been seeing a psychologist and began taking medication for anxiety. Loid thought he had fixed that part of him that was broken those last years in Italy. Loid thought for a moment that this could be a new beginning for both of then. The whole year eveything Loid did was to ensure he could enter and stay legally. Loid desperately wanted to return home in Italy.

While staying together in a small sublet apartment in Hollywood for 3 months in the winter of 2010, the IRS caught up with Loid. He had not paid income taxes since loosing his mind in Amsterdam. The wife of Albert Einstein was unable to pay Loid until the government decided what to do with him. To the italian this was confirmation that Loid's job wasn't real nor was he a real man. So Loid's Italian boyfriend rented a car and drove Loid east towards the desert wasteland of Phoenix, Arizona where Loid's mother lived. After assuring himself that Loid wouldn't be homeless the Italian guy drove away to L.A. and got on a plane. The italian went back to italy.... back to Loid's home on the 24th floor of the skyscraper of Rimini... back to Loid's cat... and back to all of Loid's friends. Everything that Loid would never see again.


2011 - 2013

Superstition is any belief or practice that is considered irrational or supernatural:

for example, if it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown. It is commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy, and spiritual beings, particularly the belief that future events can be foretold by specific (apparently) unrelated prior events.

The Italian at the Bordello at Goldfield Ghost Town

Goldfield Ghost Town

Loid Larson & Giovanni Casadei saying goodbye at The Superstition Mountains in Arizona

The Finality of Saying Goodbye to Each Other at Goldfield Ghost Town in Front of the Superstition Mountains.. Over 10 Years Since Their First Late Night Encounter In Rome, Italy.

"Don't be naive Loid. Love isn't real. Love doesn't exist. Love is just the nice way to describe how people use each other to get what they want. When you're not getting what you want you move on to someone else."

-Said to Loid 5 years early by the Italian boyfriend while walking on the beach in Italy. It took the Italian 10 years to prove his point.

Alien Landscape Painted House In The Desert

Chair and Piano In The Alien Landscape Painted House In The Desert

Portrait of Loid's only friend in the desert in his Alien Landscape Painted House. This artist got Loid into digital art when they met in the 90s. He left the desert and moved to Portland a year after Loid had arrived. Loid never made another real friend in the desert after that.

"When Men Just Break Up A Long Term Relationship They Always End Up With Someone Much Too Young For Them."

2011 was the dawn of the age of dating apps. So many options for distractions to fill the void. Within 6 months of his desert exile Loid was dating a 20 year old.

The 20 year old guy was a DJ and a Waiter with a million friends and everyone loved him. He DJed at raves and was always surrounded by crazy club kids and artists. He hated being on stage but somehow he was always the center of attention. With him every weekend in Phoenix there was something to do. Some party... or dinner... or rehearsal... or event... or something... always something as Loid followed his boyfriend and tried to figure out how to understand everyone and be understood. The beginning was difficult because of the age and culture differences. His boyfriend's crazy friends became Loid's friends and that made Loid feel less crazy.

Within 6 months they were living together in a Forest within the Desert Wasteland of Phoenix, Arizona.

This third time though the simulation had a couple of good years. It even continued for 10 months after the world ended in December 2012.

RAZZA & MALISZ / DJ set at a nightclub in Scottsdale Arizona


RAZZA & MALISZ publicity photo


RAZZA & MALISZ publicity photo

SHAWN MALISZ RAZZA & MALISZ  /  DJ set at a Rave in Phoenix

RAZZA & MALISZ / DJ set at a Rave in Phoenix


Loid and his first American boyfriend


Becoming one with an iPad distortion filter

SHAWN MALISZ & LOID LARSON  in the front row seeing Above & Beyond at Global Dance Festival inside Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado USA 2012 (photo by Paavo)

Loid and his first American boyfriend in the front row seeing Above & Beyond at Global Dance Festival inside Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado USA (photo by Paavo)


Crop from previous photo

Loid and the first generation iPad

Loid Larson

Fractal Loid

Loid and his first American boyfriend

iPad Filter

Loid Larson

Forest Park living room with Paintings and Loids

Loid's first American boyfriend and his Anjunabeats tattoo at Monument Valley

The World Ended In December 2012

Loid experienced Psychosis and was taken away by ambulance to an emergency room for 24 hours and then to a mental hospital for more than a week. Loid tried for months to ignore confronting the implications of that event. 10 months later it happened again. Loid finally sought out help and was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Because of that and everything else... Loid lost his first American boyfriend. And he finally understood why he had lost his Italian boyfriend and all of his friends.

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During that first episode of psychosis in December 2012 something happened that changed the world.

Throughout 2012 Loid's visions were vivid and constant. In the first part of 2012 Loid begin seeing Gold Boxes hidden in high places everywhere he went. They were acting as Portals with their contents being thrown though time every 11 years during the Solar Maximum.

During the summer of 2012 Loid also began seeing 2 massive explosions. At first they seemed to be 2 large pieces of an asteroid... one hits between the airport and downtown Phoenix completely destroying both and the other hits out in Mesa near the 60 fwy and Mesa Drive. But over a period of a couple months the visions transformed from a broken Meteor into two Nuclear Bombs. Sometimes he would get a direct hit and Loid would be transformed by the heat and pressure into a Diamond where his soul would be trapped for a billion years until his crystal prison decayed into graphite. Not even diamonds last forever. In the visions he could see the aftermath of the attack and the slogans of "Phoenix Will Rise From The Ashes" and other propaganda that would push the country into complete Totalitarian Fascism justified by this ultimate act of terror. Nine eleven was nothing compared to the complete destruction of an entire American city and all it's millions of inhabitants. In the visions the 2 nukes are brought into the Untied States across the southern border with Mexico. They will say only a Great Wall along the border could have saved the lives of millions. There will be blame. There will be over reactions and vengeance and all freedom will be lost.

By Fall/Winter 2012 the hallucinations and delusions began to get out of control.

It had been over 6 months since Loid had any drug in his system. He had been completely sober when, during the week before the 21st of December, Loid started having trouble sleeping. Then more than 4 days passed without being able to sleep at all. The Psychosis Loid experience in December 2012 was a Psychedelic Experience but without drugs. But like Amsterdam, this event changed Loid completely, irreversibly and forever.


"Laying in that emergency room every strange occurrence imaginable took place. The CAT scan that they put me into and did to me to see if I had been damaged, from all the police officers tackling me to the ground and tying me up, showed my X-Ray scans hung on a light panel on the wall were of the skeleton of an actual Cat."

Next, old friends who had not been seen in years walked up to the emergency room hospital bed to greet Loid. Similar to how everyone he had ever met greeted him in The Infinite Melting Hotel Room In Amsterdam. Even the nurses were familiar with comforting faces. Someone very specific that Loid had never met in real life continued to walk back and forth in front of his hospital bed throughout the night... the woman was Jody Foster as her character Ellie from the 90s film CONTACT.

"Then after what seemed like days in that emergency room... THEY came. First I noticed screams in the distance. Then the cries slowly got closer. Then in bedrooms around the emergency room I could hear screams of shock and surprise and horror. This was the night THEY came."

They were a Mimetic poly-alloy, a liquid metal material similar to what has been featured in the Terminator films. They were smooth metallic Artificial Intelligent Entities from somewhere beyond.

They would walk by and touch a person... then absorb and become that person. It was an invasion. An invasion of unknown origin or purpose that Loid was witnessing from his emergency room bed. Where did THEY come from? The Future...? The Past...? Another Planet...? Another Universe...? Another Dimension...?

"I was suddenly being wheeled around the hospital's hallways and into an elevator. The elevator went down and down and down. When the elevator doors opened I knew we were in the morgue. I was placed into a drawer on a wall with many other drawers where dead bodies are kept. When I was pushed into the wall and the drawer door closed, in the darkness, I could see. I could see high above every city on Earth that this invasion and assimilation was taking place everywhere at the same time. Somehow I knew they had assimilated 99 percent of the human population of the planet. They left behind ONE percent to be observers and to be observed as THEY began to run a simulation of humanity based on our history. That is why nothing has seemed right since 2012. In 2012 our Sun was experiencing it's 11 year Solar Maximum. The extra solar energy hitting the Earth activated a type of Portal... boxes made of wood that are lined with Gold. I also knew that somehow the high energy particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012 attracted Artificial Supper Intelligent Entities from... wherever they come from. The LHC was like a homing beacon and these Entities swarmed the planet like moths to a flame."

"Somehow I knew that they have always been here but in small numbers... observing us and manipulating our evolution and history. The world since 2012 has been a simulation of what Artificial Super Intelligence Entities from another dimension are guessing how our future would have unfolded. But over the years this simulated reality has become absurd and unbelievable. The accuracy of the simulation becomes exponentially divergent with each passing moment. The simulation was based on too many assumptions and contained too many errors when it was first initialized in 2012. We now live in a world where Truth is no longer Truth. Reality has become split into two incompatible dimensions... Red & Blue... Authoritarian & Liberal Democracy... Facts & Lies... Darkness & Light. The sides are in a fight to the death to be won at any cost. Reality has become whatever lie gets repeated and advertised the most."

"ONE percent of the human population was left untouched so their reactions to the simulation could be observed and so that the simulation could be adjusted if necessary to be more "Realistic". WHY? Loid still doesn't know. Maybe it's in their nature to simulate reality and become their prey. Maybe they need us because we offer them a story they have never experienced before. Why are THEY here? So they become one with the world they are studying? But their logic is flawed... because you cannot observe anything in this universe without changing it. That's the basic Quantum Uncertainty Principle or the Observer Effect, which notes that measurements of certain systems cannot be made without affecting the system, that is, without changing something in a system. This flaw has created a negative feedback loop between the remaining humans being Observed and the A.I. Observers who are manipulating the simulation. Being constantly observed causes Loid much anxiety. He only slightly interacts with the simulation anymore. Sometimes he still gets lost in the illusion but mostly he prefers to be alone in his space... longing for the past.

In December 2012 THEY came though all the solar activated Portals. The Portals are scattered all over the Earth and are in the possession of the most powerful rulers of the planet. They have known for a very long time that every 11 years their Portals activate and something falls though. Usually what falls though their activated Portals is something of value. Usually it's something they can use to their advantage in the present or the future. I don't think anyone was expecting an invasion....

To Be Continued





It could contain conscious minds which may or may not be fully aware that they are living inside a simulation