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Super Space Mountain 3D

2010 | 3D rollercoaster simulation
RCT3 Simulation Technology

3D Verison

Select 1080p or 720p for optimal viewing in a darkroom. Hi-speed internet and and HD capable computer is recommended.
Select your preferred 3D settings from the YouTube player's 3D menu.

Side by Side stereoscopic versions can be downloaded and played on new 3DTVs or on your computer using Nvidia 3D vision for the best 3D experience.

2D Verison

To view Super Space Mountain in 2D click "Turn off 3D" from the youtube player's 3D menu.

Select 1080p or 720p for optimal viewing.

Special thanks for pieces of inspiration:
Dome/Station Tiles/Lifts: mattatt14 . Mtxilay13 CS | Star Walls/Supports: DRPSpace Mountain CS
Station Walls: DasMatze Spikey Walls CS | Cars: Tycoon4life CTR Car

Main theme remixed by Space Station 77: ( Minusbaby vs. Clothesline by Tettix )
Sound Effects: Various YouTube clips | 3D: Nvidia 3d Vision

Space Mountain HD

2006 | HD rollercoaster simulation
NoLimits Simulation Technology | 250,000+ total project views >

Select 720p for optimal viewing.

space station 77
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